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Reliable Communications discussed at APCO Emerging Technology Forum

David Staub, Managing Partner of Assure911.net, spoke at the APCO Technology Forum on January 31, 2013 as a member of a panel of App Developers that have created innovative software supporting public safety.  The Assure911 system was discussed for its ability to help public safety communications managers sort through the vast amount of data available about the health and performance of their infrastructures. For example, when a citizen attempts to reach 9-1-1 and cannot get through, the Assure911 Mobile App alerts the appropriate people in the public safety organization who can respond to the caller as well as begin to correct the problem.

Assure911 allows rapid awareness of failed calls to public safety

Handling Call Failures in Next Generation 9-1-1


A demo was given to show how incoming text messages can be analyzed for context and alerts sent to public safety officials.  Twenty-one audience members downloaded the Assure911 Demo App from Google Play playing the role of a Police Chief or other First Responder.  The remaining audience members were invited to sent text messages to Assure911’s test facility which emulates a Next Generation 9-1-1 System, including NG 9-1-1 PSAPs. Half of the room sent random text messages, while the other half reported a serious event.  The data was processed and those with the Mobile App were alerted to the event in progress in with on-screen alerts as shown below.


Assure911 NG 9-1-1 Text Message Analysis

Secure Text Analysis and Alerting


The presentation can be downloaded from the APCO website here:
APCO Winter Technology Forum 2013 – Innovating New Tools and Apps for First Responders

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