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1. How is Assure911 different from other monitoring or trouble ticketing systems?

Assure911 collects data typically used by a variety of management disciplines and ties it all together in order to increase the reliability of the end-to-end system. The patented system architecture and streaming analytics algorithm are part of the difference, but Assure911 goes even further. In some environments Assure911 can be deployed without fault and performance management platforms. Where such systems do exist, Assure911 will obtain necessary data from existing fault and performance management systems. Besides notifying users that are on move via text, email, and the Assure911 Mobile App, and users in the NOC via the browser based dashboard, the system can generate appropriate alerts as input into existing trouble ticketing systems, existing paging systems, or other types of alert distribution systems.

2. How is Assure911 different from other alerting systems?

Assure911 is different from other critical alerting systems because it collects its own raw data from the network and core components and formulates specific messages as required by many different users. Assure911 already has the network data and Next Generation 9-1-1 logic to create the right level of detail for the right person, at the right time, without an extensive configuration effort on the part of the SI or the client. If you notice a similarity on the distribution capabilities between Assure911 and a general purpose alerting system, the question should be asked as to “Which alert tells me if a person is trying to reach 9-1-1 right now but can’t?” Assure911 delivers a timely, concise alert that identifies trouble in time to save lives.

After the alert is received, Assure911 distinguishes itself even further from other alerting systems. By allowing the user to conveniently review additional detail about the outage, and other information specific to their configuration, Assure911 becomes more that an alerting mechanism. It becomes an important tool for interacting with the Next Generation 9-1-1 system.

3. How is Assure911 different from network fault or performance management systems?

Assure911 focuses on the overall end-to-end reliability of the Next Generation 9- 1-1 service. The health of the network or of any of the core Next Generation 9-1- 1 components is always readily available. If you see an overlap with the data that Assure911 collects and processes with a traditional network monitoring system, the first question that needs to be asked is “Will the next attempt from a citizen be delivered to the appropriate call taker?” With Assure911, the answer is already in the hand of our users.

4. How is Assure911 affiliated with the IIT RTCL?

Partners and Consultants for Assure911 are members of the IIT RTCL Technical Advisory Committee, serve as Mentors for Student Lab Projects, serve as Chairperson for the IIT 911 Task Force, and Assure911 Partners develop Test Plans, do Demos, and fund Research and Testing in the IIT RTCL.

5. Does Assure911 ensure interoperability with other vendor products by participating in NENA ICE Testing Events?
Yes, we participate in NENA ICE events.  Partners and Consultants for Assure911 also plan and facilitate ICE event testing in the IIT RTCL. Assure911 is also participating in interoperability testing at Texas A&M Lab, and has demonstrated integrated capabilities with other vendors at various industry conferences .

6. What is Assure911’s relationship with the Counties of Southern Illinois (CSI) Regional Pilot Project for NG 9-1-1?
Assure911 was a contributor to the CSI project through its relationship with NG-911, Inc.  Assure911 developed the NG 9-1-1 Design Plan, Test Plan and Lab Results, Access Plan, and the Cutover Strategy Plan for CSI which was filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission in February 2012. Also, the Assure911 monitoring and alerting system is deployed in that environment and regularly alerts the tech team to adverse conditions, including such troubles as failed call attempts, and denial of service events.

7. What is Assure911’s track record in the area of Public Safety and NG 9-1-1?
Principals and Consultants for Assure911 have many years of experience in the Service Provider business, the Systems Development Business, Consulting and Project Managing for large Businesses and laboratories.  Check us out in About Us and call with any questions.   We look forward to helping the Public Safety Agencies migrate their networks to NG 9-1-1.

8. Does Assure911 use Standards?
Assure911 relies heavily on NENA Standards and Industry Standards.

9. Is Assure911 familiar with Federal and State Commission Requirements?
Partners in Assure911 are familiar with FCC and many state Commission Requirements for 911 Services.  We worked closely with the CSI filing for the ICC and we continue to support them in the inquiry and response process.


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