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The Assure911  Solution has an interface to the Oracle Session Border Controller (SBC), for analysis of network troubles and SIP call failures. Most recently, we jointly demonstrated the ability of our combined solution to alert 9-1-1 system operators of important themes in text messages arriving at the Next Generation 9-1-1 network. Campus Bomb Scares and Tornado sightings were two scenarios shown.  Read more about it all here.

An Assure911 Mobile App brings the exceptions to the Client User’s hand held devices in real time. Download a copy of the App and participate in the next demo here.

Presentations were developed for the April 2012 IIT RTCL Roundtable, the 2012 Annual NENA Conference, and they are planned for the IPSTA Conference in Springfield.  They include Text, Video and Data Alerts to Assure911’s hand held Operations Solutions.

Stancil Corporation

Assure911 and Stancil Corporation have been collaborating in the development of NENA’s i3 Next Generation Logging and Log Retrieval Standard with much success. The technology partners have completed several rounds of bilateral and in-person testing.

Illinois Institute of Technology

IIT RTCL Annual Conference 
Since its inception, the IIT RTCL Conference and Expo has featured 9-1-1 Emergency Services topics and speakers. Barbara Kemp and Joe Cusimano co-chaired the 2012 9-1-1 Track.

IIT Roundtable
Assure911 and Acme Packet Sponsored a Roundtable in April 2012, and a demonstration of our handheld Assure911 application received very positive feedback.

IIT Hosts at selected NENA ICE Events
Assure911 continues to participate in ICE 8 planning. Barbara Kemp has acted as the IIT Project Manager for the ICE 5 and ICE 8 sessions and continues to work on future event planning with NENA Members.

NG 9-1-1, Inc.

Assure911 is partnering with NG-911,Inc. in support of a first ever standards based deployment of Next Generation 9-1-1 technology for the Counties of Southern Illinois Emergency Telephone Services.  Assure911 is providing our patented monitoring system, and professional services in the areas of design, planning, testing, regulatory testimony, and working with local access carriers.


Assure911 has a business relationship with the 15 Counties of Southern Illinois and their 16 ETSBs.

  • Assure911 managed Testing in the IITR RTCL, creating a Test Plan for the Laboratory and the Field.  The ICC is currently reviewing the Plans and Lab Test Results for Reliability, Diversity and Security.
  • The CSI NG 9-1-1 Design Plan, Access Carrier Plan, Test Plan, Cutover Strategy were delivered to CSI via NG-911,Inc. for their national trial and Illinois Pilot Project Application as Final February 2012.
  • Assure911 is delivering the first application of the Assure911 Network Management Solution for NG9-1-1 Surveillance to CSI as part of the Pilot Project.  This is a Patented Hosted Solution with a hand held Mobile Application for Operations Managers and Technicians.



Assure911 Partners are Members of NENA.

  • Our Client Projects follow NENA i3 Standards.
  • We test to I3 Standards for Clients.
  • Our Network Management Solutions conform to NENA Standards using our Patented Technology.
  • We participate in NENA ICE Events to test our Projects against the Standards.

Network Expert Software Systems, Inc. (NESS, Inc.)

Assure911 is a new company formed with the goal of improving the reliability of emerging Next Generation 9-1-1 networks by leveraging the intellectual property of Network Expert Software Systems (NESS). NESS was formed in the mid-1990s to apply expert systems technology to the management of telecommunications networks. Products include the patented and trademarked Assure911 platform, which gives a focus on gathering and analyzing data transmitted and stored within the public safety network management system databases used to manage emergency services networks. The new company, Assure911.net, LLC, has licensed the software, trademark, and patents and has begun getting the message out to a wide public safety audience.


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