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Barbara Kemp
Professional Services Lead, and Chief Technical Officer

Barbara Kemp is a partner in Assure911, LLC. Her mission is to assure clients have the ability to build, monitor and manage their emerging 9-1-1 networks end-to-end. She taught Network Management at Illinois Institute of Technology as an adjunct professor and mentored graduate student IIT Real Time Communications Laboratory projects.

As project manager for Cable and Wireless Caribbean operations, Barbara consolidated Network Operations Centers (NOCs), and built a new NOC for 13 Caribbean nations. Barbara managed a wide range of Internet Protocol and circuit switched consulting projects for telcos and Cable TV companies nationally and internationally. Barbara designed, built and managed NOCs, including AT&T’s Midwest Reliability Center and ICG Telecommunication’s Service Reliability Center as Senior VP Service Reliability, Quality Assurance and Security. The NOCs included emergency services problem resolution, business processes, systems integration and security. She managed an emergency services technical resolution task force after the City of Chicago embarked on their city-wide Operations Emergency Management Center (OEMC).

Barbara was the Professional Services engineering and design consultant for a Next Generation 9-1-1 project for the Counties of Southern Illinois (CSI) from planning through implementation. She developed a NG9-1-1 plan, supporting the Northern Illinois Next Generation Alliance (NINGA.)

Education: Barbara is a graduate of Indiana University, 1983: Wabash College Executive Management Program, 1992.


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