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APCO Protects and Serves Public Safety App Development

APCO has been busy being both protective and supportive of the use of mobile apps to benefit public safety. Last year a set of basic guidelines were issued which every app developer who serves a public safety audience should adhere to.

Earlier this year APCO issued a statement on their support of the development of mobile apps that can benefit public safety. Recognizing that a great deal of innovation is taking place in the mobile app arena, and that their established position as influencer of policies and practices in public safety, APCO is uniquely qualified to guide the software development community towards the needs of emergency services provider. In an earlier blog we mentioned that we were honored to be included in the Emerging Technical Forum’s session on “Innovating New Tools and Apps for First Responders.”.

Then in March 2013, APCO initiated a project to develop standard for integrating new innovative apps with other existing systems and first responders.

We at Assure911 can’t wait to see what our friends at APCO are going to do next!

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