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Our History

Proven Success: Background on Assure911.net, LLC

Assure911 was launched as a start-up company dedicated to bringing lessons learned about end-to-end reliability from the E9-1-1 architecture to the emerging Next Generation 9-1-1 rollout. The software that comprises the system was originally developed and perfected over time by Network Expert Software Systems, Inc. (NESS), a provider of operational support systems and other custom solutions to the telecommunications industry. NESS originally deployed the first version of Assure911 in 2003 in an incumbent local exchange carrier environment, by aggregating features of proprietary software that were developed as far back as 1995 in support of 9-1-1 network operations. The client carrier went from the worst offender in terms of the number FCC reportable outages experienced, to the firm with the least reportable outages.

The system was deployed several more time since then, in environments such as competitive local exchange carrier, national wireless network, and a large metropolitan PSAP. In 2005 a US patent was granted for our monitoring and alerting architecture that supports multiple network services firms working cooperatively to provide end-to-end 9-1-1 services. The Assure911™ product name was registered as a trademark that same year.

With the emergence of Next Generation 9-1-1 a decade later, Barbara Kemp, a valuable national resource in the telecommunications industry with an extensive background in building and managing network operations centers and supporting clients worldwide, saw there would be a need to monitor and alert clients in the Next Generation 9-1-1 architecture. It was clear that the proven success of Assure911 had a role to play in assuring the highest possible reliability in the new architectures as they rolled out. Members of the NESS team, David Staub and Ted Symanski partnered with Barbara, the original client for whom Assure911 software improved performance so dramatically, and the three formed Assure911.net, LLC. The software, patents, and trademark are used under a license from NESS.
Assure911 was deployed in the first NENA Standards-based Next Generation 9- 1-1 deployment. Our platform regularly informs the System Service Provider (SSP) of issues that threaten the reliability of the system.

Assure911 is a trademark of Network Expert Software Systems, Inc. Used under license.


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